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Double Glazing.


As the cost of living continues to rise, enormous energy bills are a burden most families could do without. Windows play a vital role in the overall energy efficiency of our homes with an average home losing up to 40% of its heating and cooling through its windows. Double glazed windows are the smart choice for long term savings, in dollars and carbon emissions!


If you have ever been inside a home with double glazed windows you will know that they provide a significant increase in comfort level, not only through improved climate control, but also by dulling unwanted noise from the outside world (when certain glass combinations have been selected). Double glazed windows help to create that peaceful haven you will love coming home to

High Performance Low E (Emmissivty)


Low E or Low emissivity glass is a speciality coated glass, designed to improve energy efficiency. A great option for energy efficiency on a budget, where double glazing cannot be accommodated.


For the Rolls Royce of Energy Performance combine Double Glazing with High Performance Low E  Glass

Powder Coat Finishes for Aluminium Windows.


An important aspect of any home improvement is getting the colour selections right.


Select any of the nine standard colours from the Colourbond range available on standard lead time.

Special colours are available on request from the Colourbond Range however are subject to longer lead times and may be more expensive. 

Timber Windows and Doors


For a natural elegant look we can offer windows and doors in three different timbers:

- Meranti

- Western Red Cedar

- KD Hardwood  

Screening Options


Keep those pesky creepy-crawlies at bay with with a wide range of screening options.


All windows come standard with fibreglass mesh flyscreens. 


For sliding doors, stacker doors, bi-fold doors and hinged doors you can choose from the following options:


- Fibreglass mesh flydoor (considered your entry level flydoor to keep the bugs out)

- Diamond grill barrier door (for those looking for a bit more security)

- Stainless steel mesh barrier door (the perfect combination of security and style)



Retractables Screening Options


Available on sliding and stacking doors and various bifold options. The top of range retractable flyscreen.


Ask our sales team if it can work for you.


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